Take Your Mind Off Your Construction Project

Your building will be completed on schedule and ready to use

Why Settle for a Cookie-Cutter Design?

Create a building customized to your needs

Some construction companies only offer a limited selection of premade designs. Grant Webb Building constructs residential and commercial buildings that are completely customized to your design. We can work with you to create the plans and build your project from start to finish.

Our builders can help with projects like…

  • A family home with a unique layout and a list of required features
  • A new restaurant or retail store that needs to match a previous building’s design
  • A building addition that will provide a workspace or storage

We’ll work with you throughout the project to make sure you end up with the building you want. Contact us today to get started on your construction project.

Get personal service from a local company

GWB is a small, local, family-owned business in Emmett, Idaho. The company's owner was born and raised in the Emmett community and treats every project like it's for a neighbor. We're committed to finishing your construction project to your satisfaction.

You'll speak directly with the owner every time you call. Whether you need small remodeling work or want to build a completely custom home, we'll keep you updated on our progress and will follow your plans down to the last detail.

Make an appointment with local builders you can rely on.